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Do you have what it takes to make a stranger smile?

Helping someone sets forth a strange chemical reaction like phenomenon in the human body that feels extremely good. Kindness increases positivism in the soul, lightens the heart; and let’s not ignore the amount of blessings a single act of kindness can beget.
Most of us do readily agree to help an unknown but, when even a slight bit of extra effort is required our idealistic thought processes takes a u-turn and we become materialistic with illogical excuses begin to pop in the mind.
| Correct me if I am wrong?

Would you like to show your friends & family that you care?

They make us yet; sometimes we end up taking them for granted. Immediate society not only nurtures an individual but, also create a sense of belonging, a feeling of being protected thus, it is but natural that most individuals are forever willing to show some sweet care for their folks.
What about you?

When was the last time you spoke something nice about your friend?

With growing complexities and urgencies of life, don’t we all sometimes forget to thank our friends and family who built us? Don’t we get too blown away to actually feel what we say because we’re always in a hurry?
Shouldn’t we change this?

So, would you be interested in sharing some good memory about your folks and create a few of your own in process?

Somebody once rightly said- A little appreciation goes a long way. A few words of encouragement and positivism can set the whole mood for the day. Would you like to be that encourager for your friend? Make him/her feel special and loved?

Do you want to connect with strangers who share this same mindset as yours?

Friendships are formed on the base of connections and connections can be anything. Even wishing upon a same wish can grow into a beautifully warming relationship.
Are you ready to take the chance?
Give it a try?

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