Visual Trends 2017: It’s all about Design, Colour, Branding, Design and Photography Styles

Uncover the popular trends of 2017’s across in the creative control you work with. You can look ahead with right inspiration from the guide.

The year 2017 is recognized for the organic developments. It includes upcycling, substitute farming and engineering nature are developments dominating design disciplines which includes house ware, fashion, and colours, and will control compositions and visual trends within illustration, graphic design, and even photography.

The upgrading technologies – focused Generation Z are soaked with images every day, and create their own onto a collection of social media stages. With the risk of this environment turning easily artificial, 2017 will noticed a comeback to the nature.

Here, go through the visual trends forecasts for the upcoming year related to graphic, branding, and digital design, motion media or shooting – and in other locations of design you should look to for motivation, such as homewares, fashion and happiness.


Pantone has declared Green as a colour of 2017. It implies for a new starting, environmentalism and newness. Visible as a “fresh and stimulating yellow-green gloom that comes out the very first days of spring”, Greenery encloses the notion to breathe, revive and understand the great outdoors.

For better results, you can go through the Viewpoint Colour – a colour futures magazine shared by FranklinTill Studio. Up cycled design will initiate brilliant accented colours from the artificial nature of plastics, forming a layered, collaged aesthetic and textured that calls for personalisation. The primary colour used here includes blue, red and green.

Graphic Design/ Branding

Branding will entirely depend on the looks of the product itself, despite the packaging that hides it. There’s a demand for reality to be show. However, such things are not appropriate for the food packaging. See-through bottles and simply readable ingredients come out as we turn into more anxious with where our food or product has approached from and the process concerned in manufacturing and production.

However, the requirement for ethical products can also been noticed in technology. For example take the Fairphone – a moral smartphone company that follows all steps of creating the phone. Started from sourcing free from conflict minerals in Rwanda to offering good working situations in the manufacturing plant, with a Fairphone you know precisely how it found its means into your hand. The packaging is at the same time transparent to show you precisely what your phone is prepared of. No doubt, the brands imagery has become additionally cross-cultural and socially borderless.


Representations of women in 2017 – Gritty Women –will show a lady additionally troubled with what she does than what she dresses in. Contemporary woman are active, fearless to find their hands dirty and positively shouldn’t be misjudged. Check the ad of Nike for better understanding. According to Visual Trends Guide 2017, “90s nostalgia will stay on trend in visual communications.

Candid – once again, unfiltered candid portraits are in fashion. Naturalness, movement and raw emotion require being on complete show. Significant images that personalise a story and confine a moment will shadow the style of 90s images which includes Terry Richardson and Woflgang Tillmans.

Work over form – Adobe Stock’s inventory of visual trends for 2017 states a wish for cleanness and truth – design that values meaning over form.

This guide surely gives a new idea for the people who are looking out for visual trends for 2017.

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