5 Mobile App Development Trends to Stay in 2017

No doubt, Smartphone have become an important part of our day to day life. Your morning with a morning alarm set in your mobile phone. You are using Whatsapp, Facebook, listening to music, reading News, checking mails, YouTube videos and doing your numerous tasks without any difficulty.

It is absolutely true. The demand of Smartphone and various mobile apps is gradually increasing in the year 2017 anyways and possibly in true colors. Here, go through some of the updates mobile app development trends that are going to remains in 2017 as well

• Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP Is Converting Web App Landscape:

In the early 2016, Google has initiated the Project of AMP. Despite of it, recently Google has declared that there will be a different search index for mobile internet world. It will surely bring a revolutionary change in the world of Mobile app development trends totally particularly from SEO and Web app viewpoint.

Google AMP assisted web apps will load quicker on mobile devices and decrease the bounce rate significantly. It will also bring advantages for the publishers as there will be more visitors as well as ad visibility. This change will surely bring benefits for the mobile app development trends in the next year.

• AR & VR Will Create Special Magic

If you have little knowledge about new mobile app development trends, surely you have gone through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Both of them bring a revolutionary change in gaming and entertainment sector. Popular Games named as iOnRoad, Sky Siege, Pokemon Go, and myNav are good examples of AR games on the other hand, and VR devices such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift are receiving fame.

• Enterprise Apps & Micro-apps Will Proceed Ahead

The key target of an enterprise mobile application is to assist you restructures, modernize and handle essential business processes on the way. On the other hand, a micro-app aims to be adequate much targeted operations and takes less weight.

Additionally, micro-apps having features included lightweight, HTML & adhoc based, targeted are increasing nowadays. Thus, these mobile app development trends are hoped to stay stable in 2017.

• Real Artificial Intelligence

According to experts, businesses are going to spend more than 300% on artificial intelligence in the year 2017 in spite of 2016. With the help of advanced analytics, machine learning techs, cognitive interfaces into intricate systems and, AI will surely offer business users access to strong insights never before offered to them. Due to these benefits, big bees such as IBM, eBay, Google, Facebook have initiated acquiring startups those who are skillful in Artificial Intelligence.

• Cloud Driven Mobile Apps Are in High Demand

Started from customers to the tech experts, everyone is familiar about the cloud technology and how it’s blowing our combined lives. These days, cloud computing has lastly found it’s put with mobile apps. Now, we can anticipate powerful mobile apps which openly get data from cloud and take least space in your Smartphone inner memory. Dropbox, Google Drive, & One Drive are just the angle of the iceberg.

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