4 WordPress Trends That Will Impact You In 2017

In the beginning of the year, it is natural to look for something new that workout for upcoming time. The same condition applies with the WordPress user. The Content Management System (CMS) supposed to develop at an ever-growing speed, and while 2016 was subjected by talk of the REST API, 2017 assures simply with excitement.
In this piece, we’ll present eight WordPress trends you can suppose to see in 2017, how they might influence you, and how you can find onboard. We’ve ordered the trends from most to least expected, so let’s find started!

1. A Rise in Mobile-First Viewpoint

However, ‘mobile-friendly’ has been a motto of increasing significance over the last few years, 2017 will begin to notice more and more WordPress sites developed with the idea in mind. For the inexperienced, it implies designing with a focus on mobile devices chiefly. The chief reason for this move is the boost in the use of mobile devices for daily tasks – which includes browsing the internet. With more than 60% of searches approaches from mobile devices, it turns sense that developers will desire to focal point on these users.

2. Boosted Security Involving Encryption and HTTPS

With safety being a perennial worry for all website owners, its forever at the front position of any future WordPress improvements. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is basically a safe version of HTTP. The ‘secure’ piece implies that the data sent between your browser and the web portal you’re linked to be encrypted. For better websites have been somewhat slow to change to HTTPS, both WordPress and Google have upped their efforts to find websites onboard. 2017 is position to be the midway year for a lot of site owners and hosts.

3. A Focus on Getting Better Microinteractions

Interstitial nervousness is a term you might be trial more often in 2017. It shows a provisional state of tension felt by a user after they activate an action, and wait for a reply. As such, holdups caused by prospective which includes loading times or latency issues could wreak chaos with your recover rate.In order to conquer this matter, microinteractions will approach piercingly into focus. In short, they’re animations outcome that point out to the user something is happening on your website. There is prosperity of examples you possibly see on a regular basis which include page load spinners, checkmarks when form fields are total, and shopping cart verifications.

4. The development of SaaS as a Developer Business Form

However, Software as a Service (SaaS) as a business model is not a new idea, the bulk of premium WordPress service providers have customarily used a one-off payment approach. These imbursements might comprise support and updates for a particular period, but need a completely new purchase when it comes time to renovate. In 2017, we’ll expect begin to see a move to more developers using the SaaS model, with services auto-renewing at the conclusion of a term.

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