About Us

With experienced specialists across all areas of technology from CRM to ERP, business intelligence to SharePoint, trusted to apply best practice for thousands of organisations, businesses, charities, schools and colleges large and small.

Who we are

We are an expert team of energetic young professionals passionate about Technologic Innovation. Our prime purpose is to offer our services to companies for wholesome development of their products. Intechub is a one-stop portal for all IT related services that can be utilised by enterprises in assistance of their product development. We aim to be there for our clients through every step during their growth and establishment through our continuous efforts. Intechub believes in Client Satisfaction through Minimalistic Overhead Expenses.

Skilled Team

Our team comprises of a bunch of witty business analysts, experienced Web Developers, swift PHP developers, creative Graphic Designing group, engaging Content Curators and super competitive SEO professionals.

Agile Approach

We vouch to deliver excellently efficient services and the most delicately intricate customer experience to our clients.

High Quality Code

Our in-depth analysis and structured coding processes that go through leveled quality checks and efficiency monitoring make us stand out amongst all.

Minimum Project overheads

Be assured when working with us that we will be certain to bag for you the most minimum project overheads as per the scope of your project.


A one-stop destination for all business related IT solutions.


Intechub was founded in the year 2016 with a clear objective to be the ultimate go to partner for all businesses- startups and established. It aspires to be the world leader in IT services and offers to handful clients pan India.
Now, it aims to bridge borders by making the most use of the technologic evolution that is witnessed every day.
Technology has become like food to mankind, without it mankind cannot flourish to its full potential. Intechub supports this philosophy and offers it services to all businesses functioning in the IT sector. It hopes to bring the world together through technology and assist in development of futuristic products. It focuses on tapping the technology world in a strong bond of association with the best of the best in respective fields.
Its crystalline objectives and outlook enhance Intechub’s opportunities for not only the betterment of the IT sector but, also its prized employees along with the society in totality.

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